Fantasy Poker Leagues

Fantasy Poker Leagues

If you playing poker on EverestPoker and you’re a fan of watching poker then I’m sure you’ll love the idea of playing in a fantasy poker league with other poker players and fans. There have been several fantasy poker leagues sprouting up on the internet over the past year or two and a couple of them have become rather popular. With fantasy sports being a huge hobby of many people around the world there is no doubt that this idea appeals to a lot of poker players as typically poker players are also sports fans.

Generally you will need to pay a fee in order to enter a team into a league with prizes and then you’ll be able to pick your team from the players available to your league. In order to win a fantasy poker league your team needs to earn more points then the other teams in your league. The fantasy league can be for only a couple events over a week or it could be for entire circuits. For instance, thousands of people on several fantasy poker leagues have recently joined fantasy leagues for the World Series of Poker taking place this month in Vegas.

Every fantasy league will have their own rules and it’s suggested that you read all of the rules so you don’t end up breaking any of them and being kicked out of the league. You also want to make sure that you join a league that has already run successful fantasy poker leagues in the past and not a new website because you never know how reputable they are until they have experience. Another important factor to look at when you’re joining an online fantasy poker league such as Full Tilt Poker is the scoring system that is in place. You want to make sure that the scoring system has had some thought put into it so that the league will run smoothly.

If the winner receives a ton of points and the other positions receive next to zero points then it isn’t going to be a good league because any team who gets lucky and has a couple players who win an event basically automatically win. With more circuits being played around the world over the year in poker it’s offering more opportunities to play in fantasy leagues. As some of the circuits become more popular you’ll be able to find poker fantasy leagues for WSOP events, WPT events, EPT events and several others as well. Always make sure that you join a fantasy league that has live scoring available so that you can see the scores updating everyday as action is played. Nothing is worse then a fantasy league that updates scores once a week or something like that.

The last thing I want to suggest to you before joining a poker fantasy league is that you need to look at how much you’re paying to join the league and the potential prizes. If you’re paying $100 to enter the league and there are 20 players who are playing then there is $2000 in buy-in money. If the league is only paying out $1500 in prizes then they are taking way too much of a cut. Always try and find leagues where the operator doesn’t take a massive cut from the prize pool for running the league.