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critical Website under construction is under construction. But you can now download my new icon pack, Refresh CL.
refreshcl Refresh CL Icon Pack is out !
The Refresh Collection (Refresh CL) is my first complete pack of icons, in order to change your interface. This pack contains :

Over 250 icons in different themes (system, folders, hardware, …)
.png files and .ico files included
from 16×16 to 256×256 pixels resolution

refreshcl preview

Click on the links to see the icons by themes (lists of icons are not exhaustives) :

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.: System :.
.: Hardware :.
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.: Folders :.
.: Windows & Symbols :.
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.: Network & Miscelleanous :.

Png files are in 256×256 pixels. Ico files included 12 formats : from 16×16 to 256×256 pixels (with the new Windows Vista® icon format : 256 PNG-Compressed).

Png files can be used for illustrations, in softwares like docks, desklets, …
Ico files are designed to be used directly on Microsoft Windows Systems (Windows XP® & Windows Vista® recommended for most quality)

100% Compatible Windows Vista !
The pack is 100% compatible with the new ico format, introduced with Windows Vista® : icons are in high quality with the 256×256 pixels format.
See the screenshots below : (taken on a beta version)

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.: 256×256 high quality icons :.
.: Resize icons on Vista® :.
.: Icon formats :.

Terms of use
This pack is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.
For any other non-commercial use (using on websites, free softwares), you need my permission.
Please read the entire terms in readme_eng.txt (include on the pack).

You can download Refresh CL pack by clicking on these links :

Coming soon…
I am currently working on two add-ons for the pack :

Refresh CL Bonus pack 1 : files types
Refresh CL Bonus pack 2 : toolbars

Iconpackager theme
An Iconpackager theme (made by RaZcaLinSIDe) is released in three formats :

RefreshCL for Iconpackager (Yellow Version)
RefreshCL for Iconpackager (Blue Version)
RefreshCL for Iconpackager (Beige Version)

I made these minimalistics wallpapers in the same theme.
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures, then right-click -“Save as…” to save the wallpapers.
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For any question or request about the pack, click here to contact me.

Special thanks to customxp’s & crystalxp’s teams and members for help and support 😉
visit my deviantart webpage

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Pictures, icons & design by TPDK.
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